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Ranganathar Peak Trek



This abode of  Sri Ranganathar is located in Palamalai Hills near Periyanaickenpalayam on Mettupalayam Highway (Ooty Road) about 30 kms from Coimbatore. The legend says Sri Ranganathar in form of a statue was in place (where the temple stands now) and it so happened that an ant hill formed over it . The cows that were grazing daily here use to empty milk into the ant hill for abhishekam of Lord Ranganathar.  The cowherd grew suspicious about the low yield of milk and one day,  he followed his cows and was aghast to see his cows emptying the milk into the ant hill. He took a crowbar and smashed the ant hill and to his shock blood oozed from the ant hill and to his horror the statue of Lord Ranganathar started bleeding and it seems Lord cursed him and he was paralyzed. The cowherd prayed Lord Ranganathar for mercy and sought pardon for the act which he had done out of ignorance. The lord took pity on the cowherd and asked him to build a temple as repentance. Thus the temple of Sri Ranganathar came up on Palamalai hills.


The view from Palamalai is breathtaking, a panoramic view of Coimbatore on the south-eastern side and on the other, unending folds of the Mother Nature.  The hill/mountain range stretches upto Nilgiris on the northern side and on the western, it goes upto Anaikatty (Tamil Nadu) and thereon the range runs into the Kerala side of Manarkkad and the famous Silent Valley National Park.  The terrain from the Palamalai side towards Kerala is almost inaccessible by foot and only  seasoned trekkers and the tribals may give a go.  The wildlife here is mainly Rajah (the elephants), wild gaur (cousin of bison), deer, leopards, occasional sighting of bear, wild dogs, wild cats, snakes, different variety of birds like Peacocks, owls, bald eagles, jungle fowls, etc.  its an ideal location for bird sighting too.